Dharma Discovery

Are you hearing the call to be part of something bigger?

Are you ready to step into your greatness?

Are you are looking for more fulfillment in your life?

Would you like to create a life you love, now?

Do you ever wonder if there is more to life than this?

Are you are seeking direction toward your soul purpose?


If so, I have just the medicine for you…


Together, we will discover your UNIQUE SOUL PURPOSE and create a tangible plan to step into this greatness & manifest this dream vision.


The Dharma Discovery package can be delivered as a one-to-one series, a full day workshop, a retreat, and an online course (coming soon!). 

The Dharma Discovery Series

The Dharma Discovery series consists of 12 one-to-one sessions lasting 1 hour each. As the series is a one-to-one experience, we have the chance to really go deep into what it means for you to live a meaningful life and be fulfilled in all aspects of your world. You will have the opportunity to raise any specific challenges going on in your life, and learn how to use these to help others. At the end of the series we will discuss whether continued support is needed.

Courses, Workshops & retreats

Please see my list of courses, workshops & retreats for further dates and locations. If you would like to arrange a private workshop or retreat for a specific group, please get in touch via my contact page.

You will discover...

  • How to step into your greatness and become who you were always meant to be
  • How to align yourself with the universe to become your best self
  • How to do meaningful work and make a great living
  • How to do less but achieve more
  • How to deepen your sense of self-worth
  • How to manage your day in a more powerful and productive way
  • A deeper understanding of what fulfillment means to you
  • How to create powerful habits for inevitable success
  • How to use your challenges to help others
  • How to remove toxic and unhealthy things from your life
  • How to LIVE a LIFE you LOVE

Please note that if you are in need of further support after the conclusion of a Dharma Discovery package, we can discuss additional coaching tailored to your specific needs.

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Discover your Dharma NOW

All services can be done in-person (location dependent) or online via Zoom. Your Dharma journey starts here!