Spiritual Life Coach, Healer & Mystic

From RADICAL Self-Love to Dharma Discovery

& all the magic in between

Dharma Discovery

step into your greatness & become who you were always destined to be!

Discover your Dharma...

to unlock your greatest potential...

to reveal your unique soul purpose...

to become who you were destined to be...

to achieve fulfilment and live a life you love...

to serve the world in a way only you know how...

Your Problem

You are bored and disenchanted with the world around you. You know you are capable of so much more than you are currently achieving and have been ignoring the call for a while. But NOW you are ready to burst out of your cocoon and step into action.

My Solution

Through 1-1 coaching and a multitude of intuitive tools, we will create a tangible, and fun, step-by-step path to bridge the gap between your current state of discontent and the badass, soul-aligned warrior you are destined to become.

Your Result

A life that is aligned with your dreams AND values. Maximise your time so you can still achieve your huge goals while making space for the other things in your life that bring you joy. A deeper sense of self-worth that gives you a solid foundation to blossom.

"It's better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection".

Bhagavad Gita

What are the benefits of Discovering your Dharma?

Benefit #1

You will re-connect with your natural gifts and talents, learning how to use them as a force for positive change


You will learn how to manage your day in a more healthy & powerful way, creating powerful rituals for inevitable success


You will gain a deeper sense of self worth, learning how to acknowledge and celebrate the progress you have made


You will tune in to your deepest values and motivations, using these to create a core foundation for an aligned life


You will overcome your boredom and disenchanment with your life and the world around you


You will learn how to identify and remove toxic and unhealthy things from your life

"Make the Journey as Magical as the Destination".

Bella Luna

What makes me different?

When I was younger I always felt different from my peers - I wore different clothing, listened to different music, had different opinions and views. I never fit into the 'box' that society was trying to put me in. So, I learned to live outside-the-box. Over the last decade I have experienced a plethora of ways of life - different homes, countries, cultures, jobs. Different ways of being, different beliefs, habits, behaviours and values. All to find my unique formula that allows me to thrive and step into the best version of myself. I have now created this programme to support you in doing the same.

The Dharma Discovery Series

The Dharma Discovery series consists of 12 one-to-one sessions lasting 1 hour each. As the series is a one-to-one experience, we have the chance to really go deep into what it means for you to live a meaningful life and be fulfilled in all aspects of your world. You will have the opportunity to raise any specific challenges going on in your life, and learn how to use these to help others. At the end of the series we will discuss whether continued support is needed.

Together, we will discover your UNIQUE SOUL PURPOSE...

and create a tangible plan to step into this greatness, become the best version of yourself & manifest this dream vision.

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