Testimonials for Bella Luna: Spiritual Life Coach and Healer
“My twelve coaching sessions with Bella were literally transformational. I feel so blessed to have been accompanied by such a non-judgmental, generous, and insightful soul during the most difficult period in my 50+ years of life. Your shining heart reminds me of the mystical medieval poet who once wrote, “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your being.” Heartfelt thanks.”

– Valerie, Canada

“Bella created a safe, nurturing space in our spiritual life coach sessions. She intuitively supported my needs and provided me with tangible tools to gain clarity on my direction and to live a life more aligned with my highest self. It is an incredible blessing to work with Bella and I wholeheartedly recommend her services. Thank you 🙏 “
– Sophie, US

“Bella came into my life at a very strange time and became the grounded voice guiding me and anchoring me as I was in the process of remembering myself. Her ability to face traumas with her calm, soothing, organized and somehow very appropriately humorous way was my pillar during some of the hardest times of my life. She taught/reminded me so much and I appreciate her love and guidance every time we speak. Her soul plan readings are also freakishly accurate. Every time I go back to the documents she so lovingly prepared to help guide me, I am shocked once again with how deeply they resonate and support. She is also the person who not only connected me with Tarot readings but got me to develop my own sense with them. I recommend connecting with her to anybody who feels the pull to her energy through all her offerings. Thank you Bella, and I love you!” 
– Xandra, Turkey 

“Bella’s soul reading was interesting and inspiring. I didn’t really know what to expect. I changed my name a few years ago and Bella took the time to go through both soul plans and explain the meaning to me. She helped to put things into perspective and held space for me to explore past habits and memories and then discussed what my soul plan indicates for the future. It was fascinating and healing.”
– Erin, UK

“Bella has a beautiful and loving touch when it comes to anything within her craft or practice. I have had the pleasure to receive many readings from Bella over the years and her insight into the other realms is unfathomable. Bella has helped me on path through my experience with many teachings and healing from her connection to source. She has helped awaken my soul, as well as bringing many blessings into my life. Bella has a great connection to the divine Female energies and helped me connect with this side of myself. Bella has the ability to amplify your own natural gifts and has the air of a Faeryqueen who can read the nights sky with absolute accuracy. Bella made and calculated my birth chart for me many moons ago, which I continually use in my daily practice. I cannot put into words what this truly amazing priestess has brought into my life ♡”
– Shane, UK

 “After my Soul Plan reading with Bella I felt inspired to get proactive about my goals in life. Knowing that I can achieve the dream has given me hope that I will be successful in many of my endeavours.”

– Marie, Germany

“I had an extremely big move to make in my life and after having a Tarot Reading with Bella I felt so much more relaxed and assured regarding my decision. I cannot wait for all the things that await me!”
– Grace, UK

“Bella, along with her service will forever be a memory I cherish and was one of the highlights of an already phenomenal trip to Pai. As someone who has always been very skeptical, I was reluctant going into it, however Bella (who is one of the most grounded and open minded people I have ever met) set my mind at ease and assured me she herself had been a skeptic when first introduced to spirituality. I figured it was a good thing to check off my bucket list, so why not try. She was very relatable and easy to talk to and immediately felt like a friend I had known forever. As for the service itself, it changed my perspective and opened up new potential for exploring my spirituality, something I honestly never paid much mind to or saw as an option. I genuinely believe the time I spent with her could potentially have changed my life path, and since I have become infatuated with exploring more. I wish I could have learned so much more from her! Even if you’re not as drawn to your spirituality, I would absolutely recommend talking to her, it’s an interesting experience if nothing else and always a fun/good story to tell people you had a reading from across the world”
– Kylie, US

“Bella did a soul plan reading for me and immediately I felt like some puzzle pieces of my life and my purpose fell into place. I had concrete understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and why I would have the challenges that I have in my life. After the reading, I took comfort in knowing how to focus my energies and what to focus on. Bella herself has such a loving, non-judgmental way of conveying the information from her readings as well. I felt very comfortable letting her do my chart.”
– Savou, Greece

“I have been fortunate to have had a tarot reading and soul plan from Bella. I did not, per se, have hands on Healing with her but I am aware that every time I come into contact with her I always feel content, lighter, energised and so much happier! I have a lot of love for this beautiful and spiritual woman. She is wise beyond her years and has a ‘knowing’ for all subjects. Her love for our animal kingdom tells me so much about her. I could gush about her endlessly but I will end by saying if you are lucky to come into contact with her, I promise you will want to see her more!”
– Sara, US

“I found today to be so beneficial and refreshing. Thank you for creating a space that imagining my dream life felt so easy!”
– Sophia, US

“You did a very awesome reading. Many things were very accurate.”
– Esha, India

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