With a passion for magic & science, I seek to bridge the gap between the earthly & heavenly realms to create a more accessible, relatable & intuitive understanding of the spiritual world, how to unlock your true potential & live your best life.

My studies in animal management & wildlife conservation gave me a grounded understanding of environmental sciences and the natural world. With my scientific brain & spiritual curiosity, I strive to create a united force between magic & science. With my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds, I become the perfect conduit for marrying the earthly and heavenly realms.

With my straight talk & heart-centered approach, I am an ideal coach for anyone wanting a more grounded approach to spiritual teachings. Drawing from a plethora of real world experiences and traumas, in addition to a myriad of spiritual awakenings, beliefs and concepts, I seek to use my wisdom and insight to support you in unlocking your full potential, becoming your best self, and creating a life you love.

Through Spiritual Life Coaching, Tarot cards, Soul Plans, Dharma diagrams, Chakras and Reiki, I offer holistic and alternative ways to explore your life, your path and your soul; to discover ancient wisdom from the Universe; and find practical ways to implement this wisdom in your everyday life.


I am just waiting to be a part of your life…


                                  ​COME AND BE A PART OF MINE