Bridging the gap between the earthly & heavenly realms

To help create a more accessible, relatable & intuitive understanding of spiritual teachings.
"I found today to be so beneficial and refreshing. Thank you for creating a space that imagining my dream life felt so easy!"
"My coaching with Bella was literally transformational. I feel so blessed to have been accompanied by such a non-judgmental & insightful soul."

Dare to Dream

Through Spiritual Life Coaching, Chakras, Soul Plans, Dharma diagrams, Tarot cards, Reiki and more, I offer holistic and alternative ways to explore your life, your path and your soul; to discover ancient wisdom from the Universe; and find practical ways to implement this wisdom in your everyday life.

A united force between magic & science

My studies in animal management and wildlife conservation gave me a grounded understanding of environmental sciences and the natural world. Through my scientific brain and spiritual curiosity, I strive to create a united force between magic and science. With my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds, I become the perfect conduit for marrying the earthly and heavenly realms.

I'm waiting to be part of your life...

My straight talk and heart-centered approach make me the ideal Spiritual Life Coach for anyone wanting a more grounded approach to spiritual teachings. Drawing from a plethora of real world experiences and traumas, in addition to a myriad of spiritual awakenings, beliefs and concepts, I seek to use my wisdom and insight to support you in unlocking your full potential, becoming your best self, and creating a life you love.

...Come and be part of mine

fall in love with yourself & Your life

Dare to Dream

Uncover your deepest dreams, and the dreams within those dreams. Remove all limitation and see the possibilities.

Become Your Best Self

Shake off those emotional cobwebs, pull back those spiritual blinds, unlock those hidden corners of your mind - show yourself.

Unique Soul Purpose

Discover your Unique Soul Purpose; what you are here on this Earth to do; and how to create a tangible plan to achieve this.

Universal Alignment

Align yourself with nature and the universe. Return to the natural rhythms of our planet and Mother Earth.

Unleash Your Potential

Learn the secrets to unlocking your hidden talents & successes. Embrace your full potential. - the world needs you.

Live a Life You Love

Create a life that you enjoy living each and every day. Don't keep waiting for that 'one day', today is that day.

Do Less & Achieve More

Discover the secret of how to use your time more effectively so you are able to welcome more fun & laughter into your life.

Celebrate Yourself!

Learn to celebrate your progress & your successes. Elevate your self-worth & realise how truly amazing & talented you are!

Start living your purpose today

Discover your unique soul purpose, how to unleash your full potential, plus the secrets to living a life you love.

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