Her Work Was Done

Rosemary –  a mother, a sister, a friend

 An aunty, a wife, a teacher ‘til the end.

The sweeping, the mopping, always cleaning the nest

Forever caring, never sharing, Her burdens with the rest


The work’s not done, it’s overflowing

I need to iron and do the sewing

Must get to Morrison’s, we’re out of buns!

A mother’s work is never done


As the children grew up thick and fast

There was less work to be done, at last

But she still had the kids at school

No time to rest, no time at all!


The work’s not done, there’s plenty left

I won’t be finished, ‘til they’re all deft

Puzzles, games, playtime and fun

A teacher’s work is never done


But then one day, retirement came knockin’

Surely, it was time to throw the sock in?

As she saw the work begin to wane

Five grandchildren suddenly came


The work’s not done, it’s never ending

Why does everything need mending?

You’re growing so fast, you weigh a tonne

A woman’s work is never done


She was a Grandmother now,

No time to rest, no way, no how

I must teach, I must share, as I so yearn

For everything I know, they must learn


The work’s not done, there’s plenty more

Oh dear, there’s paint all over the floor!

Let’s go to the park and enjoy the sun

A grandmother’s work is never done


As life grew steady, like the flow of the tide

Attention turned to the man at her side

This work was different, like no other

She had to learn to be much tougher


The work’s not done, there’s so many choices

Can I just ignore the doctors voices

The hospital trips, they leave me numb

A wife’s work is never done


No sooner did she turn around

Did we grow up and make her proud

The youngest now turned 21

There was no more work to be done.


Her work was done, she couldn’t believe

When she looked at all she had achieved.

Children and grandchildren all at ease

Her work was done, now she’s at peace.


She rested her bones, and let out a sigh

As we gathered round, to say our goodbye

Surrounding her with affection and love

As she journeys to Grandad, up above


Your work is done, your time well spent,

Now it is our time to lament,

To weep and wale, to laugh and smile

To hold each other, for a little while


Blessed Be & Be Blessed

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