As a Spiritual Life Coach, I believe in leading by example. I am as open and honest as possible with all my loved ones and clients as I believe this leads to a healthier and happier life. If you would like to know anything more, or have specific questions for me about my journey, please get in touch via my contact page - I would be more than happy to hear from you.

the Formal

I grew up in London with my parents and older brother. At college I studied Animal Management and then went on to gain my BSc in Wildlife Conservation at the Durrell Institute for Conservation & Ecology. My final year dissertation was spent in the Peruvian Amazon, pioneering a study on Phyllostomidae bats. It was during my time at university that I first picked up the Tarot, and just after when I trained in Reiki and Soul Plan readings. Following graduation, I worked for the Royal Parks Foundation, an environmental charity based in Hyde Park. After a fulfilling couple of years working here I went travelling around South East Asia for a year and then settled in the mountains of Northern Thailand. It was here I founded a women’s circle, that still runs without me to this day, and started my business in Reiki, Tarot and Soul Plan readings. After a year I decided to develop my business further, and trained as a Spiritual Life Coach to extend my reach and support more people. I returned to the UK and moved to the ancient and magical landscapes of the Cotswolds in the English West Country, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is here that I run my spiritual practice and absorb the ancestral, Celtic magic of my homelands.

Bella Luna

the Not-so-formal

My childhood was a fairy tale, that was, until adolescence kicked in. My teenage years were fraught with depression, self-harm and sexual trauma. It was through these challenges that I gained many of the gifts and insights that are so imperative to my coaching and support of others. My empathy runs deep and my wisdom ever-growing. The darkness has consumed me many times, and yet I return, stronger and all the more powerful for it. I have lost myself more than once, and spent years crawling back to remembrance. I can not count the times I have had to re-build and re-invent myself. And each time I fly higher, sing louder, dance harder, and drum faster. For no-one can dampen the fire in my vibrant and eternal soul.

Qualifications & Training:

My Strengths

Grounded Understanding

My environmental background has given me a solid understanding of scientific concepts & our natural world.

Intuition & Empathy

My personal traumas, and of those around me, have strengthened my empathy & desire to help others.

Divine Connection

I have spent nearly a decade exploring mystical realms, through Tarot, spellwork, psychedelics & mediumship.

Balanced Approach

I don't resonate with the 'fluffy' spiritual ways of some & as such am perfect for anyone seeking a straight-talking Coach.

For a deeper insight into my journey and connection with our Great Mother, please read my blog article: