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A Guide to Cleansing

What is Cleansing? Cleansing is the process of cleaning something (an object, person or space) of negative energy. It can also refer to returning (an object, person or space) to it’s original & purest form. Additionally, cleansing can be seen as the process of freeing something (an object, person, or space) so it is able …

How to guide

How to Balance and Heal your Chakras in 7 Simple Steps

The term ‘Chakra’ is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘disc’ and refers to an energy system that runs along our spinal column. We have 7 major Chakras (see image below), 21 minor ones, and many more lesser ones, including tiny ones on the soles of our feet & palms of our hands. Each Chakra is associated with different physical & emotional parts of the body and work together as a whole.



  When I was younger, I wanted to be, A Faerie in the woods, frolicking free. Under the guidance of Luna so bright, Free from anger, jealousy and spite. With the World so close, at my fingertips, I drank in its beauty with delicate sips. Mother Nature enveloped me in all her glory, Living the …

Bella Luna

Gaia & Me

I spent the first two decades of my life, in full intrepid exploration of the natural world and all there was to be seen, felt, heard, smelt and tasted within our Mother Earth. My childhood was spent in muddy fields, and salty rock-pools. Up giant Oak trees, and inside damp caves. No part of Her was scary or painful to me. To me She was Gaia.


Her Work Was Done

Rosemary –  a mother, a sister, a friend  An aunty, a wife, a teacher ‘til the end. The sweeping, the mopping, always cleaning the nest Forever caring, never sharing, Her burdens with the rest   The work’s not done, it’s overflowing I need to iron and do the sewing Must get to Morrison’s, we’re out …