Chakra Dancing & Mindful Meditation

Chakra Dancing is a free flow workout for the mind, body & soul. A journey of healing & self-discovery designed to stimulate the natural flow of energy through the Chakras.

The Chakras correspond to different glands within our Endocrine system, in addition to our different emotional centres – safety, love, communication etc. By using a combination of movement and sound, we seek to achieve a state of homeostasis within the physical body, while releasing emotions without the need for extensive talking therapies.

Through spontaneous & intuitive dance, you can liberate the body from stress, tension and stagnant energy, restoring balance and promoting physical and emotional well-being.

With purpose made music, each track was created to heal the corresponding Chakra by provoking certain styles of dance – from tribal beats, Latino rhythms and funky jazz, to chimes & Tibetan singing bowls. There are no right or wrong ways to move; everyone is encouraged to be themselves and be FREE.

Chakra Dancing is a fun alternative for anyone who finds traditional meditation challenging.

With 25 years of professional dance experience under my belt – from ballet & tap, to street & carnival – I fully appreciate the benefits of getting into the body, moving to good music, and allowing the body to take you on a journey.

I am so excited to be able to offer dance as a form of healing and meditation as this is not brand new information, but ancient knowledge we have simple forgotten. So let’s bring it back!


Chakra Dancing & Mindful Meditation

Current classes: Online via Zoom

Wednesday 8th April @ 11:00 BST – Full Moon Celebration –


Other Chakra Dancing services:
• 1:1 sessions where we can go deeper on a more personal level to uncover what is going on for you.
• Birthdays, weddings, hen / stag parties – a perfect alternative way to celebrate with your loved ones.
• Retreats & workshops – available to attend as part of an existing retreat or workshop, or collaboration with another beautiful soul.

Things to know:

  • All ages, fitness levels & abilities welcome – no experience necessary
  • Please wear comfortable, loose clothing
  • Comfortable shoes – no socks, bare foot at your own risk
  • Please bring a water bottle, a yoga mat & a blanket

Please visit the official Chakra Dancing page to find a class near to you.

For more information on the Chakras, visit my page about Chakra Exploration.

To find out more about Chakra Dancing, please visit

Aerobic fitness

Increased heart & lung function


Improved coordination, balance & flexibility


Increase in energy & vitality


Enhanced cognitive function


Healthier mental & psychological well-being


Greater sense of self-worth & confidence


Opportunity for social interaction

Chakra Dancing & Mindful Meditation