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Understanding the Chakra System

The term ‘Chakra’ is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘disc’ and refers to an energy system that runs along our spinal column, much like a river flowing through our bodies.

We have 7 major Chakras (see image below), 21 minor ones, and many more lesser ones, including tiny ones on the soles of our feet & the palms of our hands. Each one is associated with different physical & emotional parts of the body and work together as a whole.

If one Chakra becomes blocked, the whole system is effected. Just like when a river becomes blocked by a fallen tree, or other obstacle, the whole system gets backed up until that blockage is released, and the water (or energy) can flow freely again.

Bella Luna: Spiritual Life Coach, Healer & Mystic - Chakras

Understanding the Chakras and the Endocrine System

The Endocrine system is a collection of hormone-producing glands that are responsible for regulating our body and achieving homeostasis (balance). A few of the main functions the Endocrine system is responsible for includes metabolism, growth, reproduction, sleep patterns and so much more. Below is some further information regarding each Chakra and it’s association with the Endocrine system. 

The Root Chakra is associated with the Adrenal Glands which produce adrenaline and cortisone. Understandably, the Root is related to our survival instinct, fight or flight response and sense of grounding.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with the Gonads, or reproductive organs. Naturally the Sacral relates to our sexuality and sensuality, in addition to it being our creative centre.

The Solar Plexus is associated with the Pancreatic Gland which is responsible for the release of insulin and glucogens. This is our powerhouse and is responsible for our confidence and self-esteem.

The Heart Chakra is associated with the Thymus, our immune system and how we fight disease. The Heart is our central Chakra and is where we emanate unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness.

The Throat Chakra is associated with the Thyroid which produces thyroxin and controls our metabolism. The Throat is responsible for our communication and is heavily affected by authenticity (positively) and lying (detrimentally).

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with the Pituitary Gland which secretes endorphins and is responsible for controlling all the other glands. This is where our wisdom and insight is based, our vision and clarity.

The Crown Chakra is associated with the Pineal Gland which secretes melatonin and acts as our internal body clock. The Crown is our connection to the Divine, our knowing and understanding of the physical and spiritual worlds.

Please visit the Live Science website for more in depth information about the Endocrine system.

In this 1-1 experience, Chakra Exploration seeks to explore your system as a whole, while delving deeper into each of the 7 main Chakras to discover any blockages and imbalances. Chakra Exploration has a holistic approach, as it works on a physical level, by focusing on the Endocrine system, in addition to an emotional & spiritual level.

Together, we will explore your Chakras...

to re-align your body’s natural energy system, to discover any blockages, and to fully embody the best qualities of each Chakra.