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An Intuitive & Holistic Path to Time-Management


✔ to attune with the rhythms of nature and boost you into a state of flow...

✔ to unlock your greatest potential and become who you were destined to be...

✔ to overcome procrastination, get sh*t done, and still have time to play and rest...

Your Problem

You have tried multiple time-management structures but they are all so boring & rigid. You find that setting aside time to rest & play just becomes yet another thing on your endless to-do-list. 

My Solution

A simple & FUN time-management system drawing on the energy of the Moon cycle to build momentum in your life.  Transforming ancient wisdom into practical tools & an easy-to-follow formula to bring you into flow.

Your Result

Maximising your time & energy by dropping into the flow of BEING. Attune yourself with the natural rhythms of our planet, unlock your FULL potential & become who you were always destined to be.

Who the F is Bella Luna?

And what does she know about time-management & the Moon?

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"The Moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars".

Arthur C. Clarke

What are the benefits of journeying with the Moon?

Benefit #1

You will re-connect with the natural world and align your life with the natural cycles of our planet to create a state of ease and flow.


You will learn a powerful and intuitive method for time-management to ensure your goals are still achieved while giving yourself permission to enjoy BEING.


You will gain a balanced approach to the Moon cycle, marrying the mystical and scientific energies to create a more rounded understanding.


You will tune in to a power that is greater than yourself, providing perspective, meaning, clarity, and a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you.


You will overcome procrastination and achieve the goals that you have been putting off - whether finishing a project, de-cluttering the house, or losing weight.


You will prevent burnout, illness, and injury by allowing your mind, body, and soul, the time it needs to rest, recover and rejuvenate.

Moon-Mentum: An Intuitive & Holistic Path to Time-Management

What you will get in this course

8 Cycles of the Moon

Receive your Moon phase reference guide to track the phases yourself.

Ancient Wisdom

Unlock our ancestral secrets that have been long forgotten.

Guided Meditations

To help you visualise your journey & embody the practices.

Fillable Worksheets

To provide an ease-ful journey towards success and fulfilment.

Support & Encouragement

Join our Facebook community for support, sharing & encouragement.

"Make the Journey as Magical as the Destination".

Bella Luna


to create a state of flow that boosts you into action whilst giving you permission to celebrate, to surrender, to rest...