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Products by Bella Luna


Steps to Safety: A Guide to Surviving Domestic Abuse

In this self-help book for survivors of Domestic Abuse, Bella Luna has drawn on her own experience of an abusive relationship to create a guide to support others who have experienced similar trauma. Unlike other books in this category, Steps to Safety is a no-nonsense guidebook written with everyday language for the everyday human. It provides practical, and realistic tips, based on a real woman’s experience of surviving domestic abuse.


Moon-Mentum: An Intuitive & Holistic Path to Time-Management

In this 12-part video course you will learn to harness the power of the Moon to create a state of flow that boosts you into action whilst giving you permission to celebrate, to play, to surrender, to rest... By journeying with the Moon you can unlock your full potential, become your best self, and live a life you love. Gain access to practical, easy-to-use resources including fillable worksheets, Guided Meditations, and your own Moon reference guide.