What if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you realise you are no longer able to attend your appointment and do not wish to rearrange, please let me know as soon as possible. Specifics on my cancellation policy can be found in my Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately a refund cannot be guaranteed.

What if I need to rearrange my appointment?

If you realise you are no longer able to attend your arranged appointment, please let me know as soon as possible. With enough notice, I will try my best to accommodate a rescheduling. Unfortunately, with little notice, this may not be possible, and it may be treated as a cancellation.

What if I am late for a session?

I am willing to carry out a session if you are up to 10 minutes late. However, the session will still end at the allocated time.

Would you ever refuse someone a service?

I reserve the right to refuse a service to anyone. Reasons that I may refuse you service includes, but is not limited to, intoxication (alcohol or other substances), rude or aggressive behaviour, unrealistic expectations. In these circumstances, a full refund may be provided if payment has already been received.

Unfortunately, I will not provide a reading for anyone under the age of 18 (without exception). I will, however, provide healing to an under 18 with the written permission of a parent or guardian.

I will not provide a reading for third parties as I believe this to be unethical. I can send healing to third parties; however, the healing will be sent with consent attached – if the persons higher self does not wish to receive the healing, there is nothing I can do about this.

Can you help with a hex / curse / demon?

I do not engage in anything I deem to be ‘dark magic’. This includes, but is not limited to, curses, hexes, possessions, hauntings and demons. Only light magic found here.

How and when do I pay for my session?

Once you have booked a service, I will create and email an invoice to you. All payments must be received 7 days from the date of the invoice or before the date of the service, whichever comes first. You can either pay via PayPal using the email address bella-luna@outlook.com; by BACS transfer for anyone with a UK bank account; or with cash or card for an in-person session.

How do I use my gift certificate?

All gift certificates must be used within 1 year of purchase. Please email and let me know what service you would like and the value of your gift certificate. If the value of the service is more than the value of the gift certificate then you will be invoiced for the remaining balance. If the value of the service is less than the value of the gift certificate, then you may put the remaining balance towards another service. Depending on the surplus, we can discuss other options. To redeem your gift certificate I will need the unique code at the bottom of the certificate – it should start with BL-.

What do I do if I want to write a testimonial?

 If you had a great experience with one of the services and would like to offer a testimonial, please use the contact form on the website using the subject title as ‘Testimonial’. Please ensure to include your name (or pseudonym) and the country of your origin.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint, please use the contact form on the website using the subject title as ‘Complaint’. I take all complaints seriously, and will strive to rectify any issues as soon as possible.

Will you discuss my personal information with anyone else?

The only time I may consider discussing your personal details with another party would be if the law demanded.  For example, if you were intending to cause harm to yourself or others; if a child could be in danger; or if details regarding an act of terrorism were revealed. There is no other circumstance where I would breach the confidentiality of my client.

Can you predict the future?

At times, I am given snippets of information relating to possible future outcomes. There is no way of knowing the reliability of these messages, other than time itself. If I receive information pertaining to someone’s future, I may divulge it to my client, but it is up to them how they receive this information. I would strongly advise not taking any of it too literally as the future is ultimately unknown, and messaged are often misinterpreted.

What are Tarot cards?

Tarot cards are much like a deck of playing cards with an additional 22 cards. Each card has a beautiful image on it with multifaceted layers of meaning. Most Tarot packs will come with a booklet containing explanations for each card; some are more detailed than others. They are used to gain insight, clarity and guidance into any issues or questions arising in your life.

What is the difference between Tarot cards and Oracle cards?

Tarot cards follow a very specific structure, consisting of 22 Major Arcana cards, 40 Minor Arcana cards (10 of each of the 4 suits) and 16 court cards – 78 in total. The essence of each Tarot card doesn’t vary much between packs but the images can vary drastically from traditional styles to themed ones such as faeries, Ancient Egypt or Harry Potter! Oracle cards vary in number and structure. Additionally, they come in many forms – angel cards, goddess cards, sacred geometry, nature, faeries etc. Each deck has unique artwork and meanings. No two decks are ever the same.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used to send healing for the highest good. It can be either hands-on or hands-off, according to the client’s wishes. Reiki uses a combination of earthly feminine energy and heavenly masculine energy to send healing to your mind, body and soul. The healing energy uses its own intuitive abilities to go where it is most needed.

Will Reiki fix my broken heart or injured knee?

Reiki can help to heal broken hearts and body parts; however, Reiki goes where it is most needed. Not necessarily where we think it is most needed. Therefore, if you come in for healing on an injured knee, it might decide to heal your broken heart instead.

How does long-distance Reiki work?

During a long-distance Reiki treatment, a totem is used to represent the client – this is often a photograph, personal item, or representative doll/figurine. The treatment will be planned so the client is available at the same time as the healer, the client will find a comfortable and relaxing spot to be while the healer carries out the treatment. In advance of the session, the client will receive an audio which they are to play during the healing session. This will help create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and help them tune into my voice and the healing energies being received. Please note that during and/or after a healing session you might experience sensations such as tingling and lightheadedness. Therefore, it is best to arrange your session at a time when you do not have to do anything too strenuous afterwards such as driving, operating heavy machinery or looking after small children.

Can do you do Reiki on animals?

Yes. Essentially it is the same process. The animals will receive the healing just the same as humans; it will also go where the healing is most needed.

What is intuitive healing?

Intuitive healing incorporates different healing techniques that resonate with that particular healer to create a unique healing approach. This can include, but is not limited to, Reiki, Shamanic healing, crystal healing, Chakra healing…

What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

Spiritual Life Coaching, similarly to regular Life Coaching, is a form of talking therapy aimed at empowering clients into transforming themselves, and their lives, in a deeper and more practical way. Spiritual Life Coaching incorporates a mixture of talking therapy/counselling, mentoring and consulting. ‘Spiritual’ Life Coaching means that in addition to examining a person’s behaviours, habits and goals, we also explore their beliefs and deeper connection to the divine. Most spiritual life coaches will also incorporate other spiritual practices into their coaching method. For example, I incorporate the Tarot, the Chakras, Reiki healing and Soul Plans into my methods.

What are Chakras?

The Chakras are represented by 7 energy systems running through our body. They correspond to different areas of our physical and emotional bodies. For example, the Throat Chakra represents the physical throat and the emotional capacity for communication.

What is Chakra Exploration?

Throughout the Chakra Exploration service we will explore your Chakra system, how balanced your Chakras are, and what we can do to balance the imbalanced ones.

What is Chakra Dancing?

Chakra Dancing is a free flow workout for the mind, body & soul. A journey of healing & self-discovery designed to stimulate the natural flow of energy through the Chakras. Through spontaneous & intuitive dance, you can liberate the body from stress, tension and stagnant energy, restoring balance and promoting physical and emotional well-being.

What is a Soul Plan Reading?

Soul Plan Readings use the clients’ birth name, along with a numerological system, to devise a seven point chart exploring the clients’ life challenges, talents, goals and overall Soul Destiny. The process of a Soul Plan is healing and realigns you back onto your path.

What is Dharma?

Dharma is a Sanskrit word. Unfortunately the meaning doesn’t have a literal translation but in essence it means “one’s life purpose”.  To live in your Dharma would mean that every aspect of your life would be in sync with the universe and you were fulfilling your highest potential.

What is Dharma Discovery?

Together, we will work to explore your unique soul purpose and how to create a tangible plan to manifest this dream vision. The Dharma Discovery packaged can be delivered as a 1-1 series, a full day workshop, a retreat, and an online course (coming soon!).

What qualifications do you have?

I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach; I have a BSc in Wildlife Conservation; a Diploma as a Chakra Dancing and Mindful Meditation Therapist; a Diploma in Tarot Studies; a Soul Plan Practitioner Certificate; and I am Reiki 1 & 2 Certified. I also hold First Aid and Fire Safety certificates and an enhanced DBS certificate.

What do I do if I want a service but I’m not sure which one to have?

If you are unsure of which service is most suitable for you, we can arrange a free and informal chat to briefly discuss your options and to give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.