If you have been drawn to the Soul Plan, it is because you have come with the purpose of aligning with your soul’s core plan and destiny. The Soul Plan goes straight to the underlying and fundamental patterns affecting your life. First we reveal the challenges your soul has chosen to undertake, the natural talents you have been blessed with from birth, and the goals that your soul mapped out for you before incarnation.

The Soul Plan comes with healing affirmations and treatment strategies for overcoming your challenges, embodying your talents, and manifesting your goals. As you gain more clarity in which direction your abilities lie, you may come to use these talents and gifts to transcend limitation and exemplify your unique version of what it means to become more truly human.

The Soul Plan, with it’s roots in ancient Hebrew and devised by Blue Marsden, works by applying a numerological system to your birth name to compile a plan of your soul’s challenges, talents, goals and overall Soul Destiny.

Your Soul Plan can help you reassess your life path – where you are, what you have, and what you want to achieve out of life. It is useful if you are lost and confused about life; if you feel you have strayed from your path; or if you need guiding towards your true purpose.

Please note that Soul Plan Readings require the client’s birth name (i.e. full name as it appears on their birth certificate. First, middle and last names). If the incorrect name is given the Soul Plan will be incorrect. Due to the time taken to prepare the Soul Plan, at least one weeks’ notice is required for all bookings.