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What is The Tarot?

The Tarot are recognisable from other Oracle cards due to their precise structure and layout. A deck of cards may only be called Tarot if they have 78 cards made up of the Minor Arcana, the Court Cards and Major Arcana with 40, 16 and 22 cards respectively.

There are many different views and opinions on how to use the Tarot. The main two include fortune telling and providing support, guidance and insight. Personally, my gifts are more attuned to providing support, wisdom, and messages from the Divine, and therefore I mostly work with the latter. I will often pull a card, or cards, for myself if I am seeking a little insight or guidance surrounding a specific area of my life. 

Bella Luna: Spiritual Life Coach, Healer & Mystic - Tarot

My Tarot Services

Using psychic abilities and intuition to channel wisdom from the Divine, through the medium of Tarot cards, to offer intuitive support and guidance.

​The Tarot can be used to provide insight into past traumas; gain perspective on present life circumstances; and find guidance on how to move forward.

Please note that my personal connection with the Tarot is designed to provide support and guidance, not to give concrete future predictions.


With most of my readings, particularly the first, I will start with a 9 card spread – 3 past, 3 present, 3 future – and use this to focus in on a particular issue that is going on for you at the time. I will use the ‘past’ cards to gain some clarity and insight into relevant information from your past. The ‘present’ cards will show us what is going on for you in the immediate present and provide some support on how to move forward. The ‘future’ cards will provide some guidance on where you are headed and some highlights of possible outcomes for you.

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To gain clarity, insight & guidance from the Divine...
Tarot cards


MAJOR ARCANA = “Big Secrets”, important milestones, major changes, events beyond our control, spiritual growth

MINOR ARCANA = “lesser secrets”, generally depict events, situations or people related to everyday life, aspects in life you have control over

COURT CARDS = bring personality to the situations, they can represent other people or the person asking the questions, represent just a facet of a person